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XML Interchange: Media 100 and Final Cut Pro 7

Media 100 supports XML interchange with Final Cut Pro 7 and with other applications that support the Final Cut Pro 7 XML specification.

With this feature, one can export a Media 100 program timeline to an XML document and then import that document into a Final Cut Pro 7 sequence for further editing. Exporting XML from a Final Cut Pro 7 sequence and importing it into a Media 100 program timeline is also possible.

The XML Interchange feature supports a large subset of the Media 100 program timeline. However, there are features in Media 100 that have no direct equivalent in Final Cut Pro, and vice versa. In some cases, substitutions are made for features that can not be directly transferred. For example, Media 100 transitions that have no equivalents in Final Cut Pro, such as Barn Doors, appear in Final Cut Pro as dissolves. Optionally, Media 100 can render those transitions as part of the XML export process so the Final Cut Pro timeline will still play the barn door transition.

Import dialog:

Export dialog:

and here's that program after it's been exported to XML and imported in Final Cut Pro:

Transitions Mapping

Included in the mappings are start ratio, end ratio, reversed, direction, angle, border width, and color. Some transitions in Media 100 100 have more flexibility than in Final Cut Pro; for example, wipes often have a border width of 0-255 pixels in Media 100 and 0-100 in Final Cut Pro, so we have to truncate our borders when exporting. Another example: the border has a softness variable in Media 100 with values 0-255 where Final Cut Pro has only a YES/NO choice.

Some Media 100 transitions have "custom data" such as the number of bands in the sliding bands wipe. No custom data is mapped to Final Cut Pro The same is true for the opposite direction.

If the user chooses to render transitions (as mentioned above), Media 100 will export the rendered transitions as video track V2 into Final Cut Pro. It's just another video track in Final Cut Pro so you can remove clips from it and obtain the "raw" Final Cut Pro transition beneath it if you choose.

If the user chooses to render filters on clips, Media 100 will export rendered ColorFX, Boris RED filters, etc. Otherwise, it will export raw media. Final Cut Pro can import Media 100 media or skip the media and acquire the media from the deck.

Media 100 supports transitions only in its V-AB track. So, Final Cut Pro transitions in Final Cut Pro tracks 2 and above have to be imported as cuts.

Media 100 XML Interchange supports audio transitions (crossfades).

XML Interchange exclusively supports Media 100 programs and Final Cut Pro sequences; exporting/importing of bins is not possible.