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Setting Up a New Project in Media 100

This introductory tutorial walks you through setting up a new project in Media 100.

Begin by creating a folder on your system where you will save your Media 100 documents.

The first time you launch Media 100, you will be prompted to create a new Project. Navigate to the the place you want to save your project, give it a name and click "Save".

You will then be directed to the Media Destinations panel of the Project Settings window. Here you choose which drives you will save your media to. You can also choose what type of media goes to what drive.

The Codecs panel of the Project Settings window is where you choose the codec(s) you want to use. Note that there are separate tabs for Standard-Def (SD) and High-Def (HD) media.

Next you will need to create a Bin to acquire media into.

From the File menu, choose New > Bin.

Name the Bin and choose where you want to save it in the Finder.

From the Media 100 menu, choose Preferences > Video Input...

Use this panel to select the source(s) and standard(s) of the media you will acquire.

Use the Device Control panel to set your Machine Control preferences and click "OK".

Your Project is now set up and ready to go