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Profile: Ben Price, AdSortium Media

Ben Price’s eclectic 35-year career has included acting as a sideline camera assistant for ABC Sports, photography and videography from helicopters and airplanes, and filming in Germany, Austria, Guam, Japan, and China. He has also worked as a producer for TEDx, shot concert and promotional video for blues singer Bo Diddley, photographed Patrick Dempsey’s ‘Dempsey Racing’ team on ‘Pit Row’ at Daytona Speedway, interviewed members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and even worked with Sesame Street’s Telly and Elmo.  His work has been shown on multiple local and regional broadcast stations and cable networks as well as QVC, American Forces Information Service, and The Pentagon Channel.

Coming from a production company / ad agency background, Ben has seen a broad range of clients and subject matter, but the majority of his work is for the corporate, medical, educational, and heavy industry fields. Ben’s firm, AdSortium Media, regularly taps multiple Media 100 editing suites in delivering work for clients such as Alcoa, DOW Chemical, DuPont, University of Houston, TEDx, United Way, Habitat for Humanity, Ashley Furniture, and Wells Fargo, among many others.

“Editors will always argue amongst themselves over which editing system is the best.  The only real truth is that the ‘best’ system is whatever you use that works for YOU,” Ben comments. “In 20 years, I’ve thrown a lot at my Media 100 editing systems.  Media 100 and Boris RED have consistently and reliably empowered me to complete my work with professional results.”

Ben’s first project with Media 100 was a regional Super Bowl TV ad, and since then, he has completed a wide variety of projects for local, regional, and national broadcast networks as well as corporate boardrooms, courtrooms, and NAB. The combination of Media 100 and Boris RED has given Ben the ability to deliver a high level of quality and overall production value – no matter what the challenge.

Though Ben has been a Media 100 user for over 20 years, he continues to discover new features, some of which have become instrumental to his workflow. For example, Ben does a fair amount of multi-camera shoots for his clients. Some of these shoots are for full shows, such as TEDx, with 4 to 6 cameras, while others are simpler, 2-3 camera presentations and interviews. With Media 100’s MultiClip feature, Ben is able to edit multiple video and audio sources in real-time, using Media 100’s easy-to-use interface. A camera can be added to an existing MultiClip as its source media becomes available, facilitating fast cutting of multi-cam shoots. Cameras can be synced via timecode, sync marks, or in-points. When syncing via timecode, additional footage can even be assigned to an existing camera – extremely helpful in situations where a camera has been stopped to change tapes or batteries.

Boris RED is also instrumental to Ben’s workflow. “Whether it’s lower thirds or advanced composites, Boris RED gets the job done quickly – and with professional results,” Ben comments. “Plus, as a plug-in, there is no importing or exporting, and you never have to leave the Media 100 application.”

To date, all of Ben’s work has been in HD, but he plans to transition to 4K camera technology and start focusing on 4K delivery. Ben notes, “The travel and tourism opportunities in Colorado are a great fit for high resolution image capture and I look forward to using Media 100 for this effort.”

Ben concludes, “I am a die-hard Media 100 fan. Media 100 has been a simple and reliable editing platform that has never let me down, and the support within the user base is incredible.”