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Importing Sony XDCAM into Media 100

Media 100 utilizes Sony's XDCAM Transfer software to log and import form Sony XDCAM cameras and drives. This tutorial will walk you through the steps to access and import your Sony XDCAM media.

There are two things you need to take care of before Media 100 can import XDCAM media.

Download and Install Sony XDCAM Transfer Software.

Set up your Media 100 Video Input Preferences and Codec to the desired settings then ensure that the bin you wish to import to is open.

From the File menu, choose "Import Sony XDCAM..." XDCAM Transfer will launch and it's preferences will be set so that it "plays nice" with Media 100.

XDCAM Transfer will scan your system looking for XDCAM media. It will then generate proxy files so that you can browse and log your clips.

You can choose to import the entire clip or create subclips, listed in the logging window to the right. When you are ready, click the "Import" button in the bottom right-hand corner.

XDCAM Transfer begins importing your clips into Media 100.

The clips appear in your bin ready for use in your Media 100 Project.