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Customer Profile: Florian Peters, Magic Eye

Founded in 1993, Magic Eye is a post-production and production company based in Cologne, Germany. They do post-production for prime-time shows for all of the major German TV stations as well as commercials and on-air design. Their work involves developing concepts, planning, shooting, and post-production, including heavy compositing, editing, and motion graphics. For their TV work, Magic Eye also provides consulting services for the recordings, working closely with the production company, director, producer, and technical staff to ensure optimal workflows. Particularly with new projects, they tend to be involved early in the production process, and they are often present in the control room when shows are actually filmed, to ensure that they are able to get all of the shots that are needed for post-production.

Magic Eye chooses tools based on their needs for actual projects. They use Media 100, Avid Media Composer, and Adobe Premiere Pro for editing, but they rely on Media 100, in particular, for multi-cam projects that have a tight schedule.

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